History of Ghadir

Ghadir Investment Company was established in 1991 under the initial name of Bank Saderat Investment Company (Private Joint Stock) with the initial capital of 10 billion Rials, owned by Bank Saderat Iran. This company was changed to a public joint stock company in 1995 and it was admitted to the stock exchange in the same year. Following the transfer of 124 companies’ shares from Bank Saderat Iran to this company in 1996 with the purpose of modification of the financial structure, the company’s name was changed to Gahdir Investment Company. Upon conveyance of the ownership of Ghadir Investment Company from Bank Saderat Iran to Armed Forces Social Security Organization in 2008, the growth of profit making and value of the company’s assets was accelerated so much so that this company has currently become the largest conglomerate investment company in the stock exchange by holding a capital of 72,000 billion Rials. The current investment areas of the company include oil, gas and petrochemical industries, power and energy, mining industries, transportation, cement, construction, trading and finance and also IT and communications in the form of 8 holding companies.

Macro goals

Boosting the value of the company’s assets aimed at continuity and increase of profit making & becoming a model for modern business administration.

Organizational and ethical values

(ا) اهتمام به اخلاق حرفه ای
(ر) رضایت ذینفعان به ویژه سهامداران
(ز) زمان شناسی و استفاده بهینه از فرصت های اقتصادی
(ش) شایستگی و شایسته سالاری
(غ) غرور و افتخار به غدیر و اعتبار برند
(د) دوستدار محیط زیست و اجتماع
(ی) یادگیری از تجربیات گذشته و دانش روز
(ر) رفاه و تکریم کارکنان


Ghadir Investment Company in 2023 is a company that is: • Enriched with value for the stakeholders, especially the shareholders; • Knowledge-intensive and expert; • Learning and flexible; • Environmental and community friendly; • Learning from the past experiences and state-of-the-art knowledge; • Leader, director and value creator for all its subsidiary departments. Furthermore, this company is one of the prominent conglomerate holding companies in Iran and the region in terms of credit and financial turnover and it generates sustainable and valuable profit for the shareholders and stakeholders in all its subsidiary departments.


Relying on its expert manpower, Ghadir Investment Company identifies the most attractive opportunities in the local and international primary and secondary markets and seeks to fulfill all expectations of the stakeholders, especially the shareholders, by investing in those opportunities through the holding companies that are based upon knowledge and technology.

Board of Directors

Dr. Abbas Ali Mansouri Arani

Member of the Board

Dr. Amir Abbas Hosseini

CEO and member of board of directors

Dr. Farshad Najafipour

Chairman of the Board

Shareholder composition

  • صندوق بازنشستگی بانک ها
  • صندوق بازنشستگی نیروهای مسلح
  • صندوق های بیمه نیروهای مسلح
  • سرمایه گذاری تامین اجتماعی نیروهای مسلح
  • موسسه صندوق بیمه اجتماعی روستائیان عشایر
  • شركت توسعه ومدیریت سرمایه صبا
  • شرکت بیمه کوثر
  • صندوق بیمه عمروحوادث نیروهای مسلح
  • سازمان تامین اجتماعی نیروهای مسلح
  • سایر سهامداران (حقوقی + حقیقی)