Ghadir is our most precious symbol

  With more than 140 subsidiary companies

  Over 25,000 personnel

  More than 88 percent of its shares belongs to pension funds

  Pursuing different tasks at the same time (simultaneously)

  Playing an effective role in social responsibilities

  Presence in environmental activities


Marine & Transportation Holding

Negin Kish International Onshore & Offshore Company, whose main shareholder is Ghadir Investment Company, was established in 2010. This multipurpose holding company which serves as one of Iran’s major transportation service providers ...

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Holding Marine & Transportation

Industries & Mining Holding

Investment in aluminium (Aluminium Jonoub Company) and steel (Steel Alloy, Ghadir Iranian and Neyriz Steel Companies) production industries, mining sector (Gohar Zamin and Nikel Karan Kabir Fars Companies) ...

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Holding Industries & Mining

Financial Trading Holding

Transferring the shares of financial services companies from Ghadir Group Entering new fields of activity such as financing, brokerage and exchange Raising funds for projects and various companies via the capital market ...

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Holding Financial Trading

Energy & Electrical power Holding

This company was established in 2011, as a specialized holding company with the objective of serving our country, by investing in water and electrical power industries, which are the backbone of economic development and social welfare ...

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Holding Energy & Electrical power

Oil, Gas & Petrochemical Holding

Established in 2007, Parsian Oil & Gas Development Company (public joint stock), also known as POGDC, is currently the largest and most important holding company in Iran which runs numerous refineries and petrochemicals ...

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Holding Oil, Gas & Petrochemical

Construction Holding

This company was established in 1986. ICDC which was listed in the Tehran Stock Exchange (TSE) in 2004, is currently the 414th listed company in the TSE ...

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Holding Construction

Cement Holding

Ghadir Capital & Industry Development Company was established as Ghadir’s cement holding company which is specialized in the cement industry. This company which controls four large companies, commenced its operations ...

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Holding Cement
Social Responsibility