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شرکت سرمایه گذاری غدیر
Board of Director Message
  • We are pleased to announce that we have successfully realised our objectives in spite of intensification of sanctions enforced against Iran. We would hereby like to take this opportunity to express our deepest gratitude toward all our respectable shareholders for their faith in Ghadir Investment Company.
  • We believe that as the largest conglomerate in Iran’s capital markets,we have two main missions in realising the objectives of its shareholders. The first mission is to allocate its resources towards those venture which offer the highest returns in the long run and the second mission is to create processes in line with its corporate governance principles that would pave the way for optimising its asset management. In this context, Ghadir has been dedicated to the approach of drafting strategies and in creating processes within its most important corporate governance committees such as investment, audit, selection, service compensation and risk.
  • Considering Ghadir’s focus on primary markets, we believe that our view of Ghadir’s future, which is shared with our dear shareholders is our most important asset in reference with realising strategies. The fact that our shareholders have cooperated in increasing the capital of Ghadir Investment Company in the previous two years, clearly supports this claim. We have no doubt that this shall be followed with Ghadir’s success in the near future.
  • Since approximately 87% of Ghadir shares are owned by social insurance funds, we believe that any decision making on our part, can make a positive contribution towards national economy which in turn stresses upon our corporate social responsibilities. Therefore, we aim to achieve continuous development whilst at the same time, respecting environmental concerns and human dignity.
  • We wish greatness and pride of Iran, along with dignity and welfare for the Iranians.