We thank Holy God that a year passed, and like past years, we managed to take proper steps to protect the esteemed shareholders’ interests. Therefore, we acknowledge their trust in Ghadir Investment Company. We believe that Ghadir Investment Company, i.e. the biggest conglomerate holding of stock market, targets two main missions to achieve the objectives of the esteemed shareholders: First, effective assigning of capital resources to those investment activities generating maximum long-term productivity considering company capabilities and second, establishing certain procedures in compliance to corporate governance principles, which provide the basis to take benefit from capable manpower through emphasizing recruitment of the elites and management development, as the most fundamental values of the organization. In order to achieve such approach, we may observe permanent dynamism in activities of Ghadir Investment Group through incorporation and fortification of new, innovative, and knowledge base enterprises.
We pray to God for greatness and pride for Islamic Iran and dignity and prosperity for the Iranian Nation.