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شرکت سرمایه گذاری غدیر
Marine & Transportation

Negin Kish International Onshore & Offshore Company

(Marine & transportation holding company)

Estabilished Date : 1389 (2010/11) Ghadir Group's Shareholder : 100%
The capital of this company currently stands at Rls 100 billion

Position in the Industry:

This company:

  • Negin Kish International Onshore & Offshore Company, whose main shareholder is Ghadir Investment Company, was established in 2010. This multipurpose holding company which serves as one of Iran’s major transportation service providers, continues to grow to this day and aims to constantly enhance the quality of the services of its subsidiary companies and to create synergy within various fields of transportation including onshore (rail and road), marine and air transportation.

    By benefiting from its specialized human resources and the modern equipment at its disposal, this company is capable of implementing domestic and overseas projects and by carries out investments in the marine transportation related industries such as support vessels, logistics and port services, various types of locomotives and passenger and cargo wagons, aim to become of Iran’s major offshore and onshore transportation companies. The capital of this company is currently over US$34 million

Scope of Activity

  • Offering technical, engineering services.
  • Contracting, consulting, managing industrial and manufacturing projects especially, in marine industries (such as port services, dredging, loading and unloading etc.), oil, gas and energy sectors, marine, air and land transportation in Iran and abroad.
  • Importing/exporting, trading, marketing, procuring and supplying all consumable marine, oil, gas and transportation industries’ related material.
  • Obtaining loans from domestic and foreign banks and credit institutions.
  •  Offering all kinds of port and marine  related services such as dredging, lighting, search and rescue,  ship guidance, loading and unloading, and container services.
  • Obtaining and granting agencies to domestic and foreign companies, especially shipping lines.
  • Taking part in tenders and auctions which directly or indirectly relate to company activities.

Subsidiary Companies:

  • Daryaban Jonoub Iran Kish (Privates J.S)
  • Marine Services(Ltd.)
  • Iran Marine Service(Privates J.S)
  • Inter Seas
  • Alrahma
  • SepehrTarabar Ghadir(Privates J.S)
  • Georgia Marine Service
  • International Petrochemical Commercial
  • Kerman Rail Transportation