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شرکت سرمایه گذاری غدیر
Energy & Electrical power

Ghadir Energy & Electrical Power Investment Company

(Energy & electrical power holding company)

Estabilished Date : 1390/07/05 (27.09.2011) Ghadir Group's Shareholder : 100%
The capital of this company currently stands at Rls 500 billion


  • This company was established in 2011, as a specialized holding company with the objective of serving our country, by investing in water and electrical power industries, which are the backbone of economic development and social welfare. In doing so, Energy & Electrical Power Investment Company invests in power plants, in constructing combined cycle and small scale power plants, transfer installations, water transfer installations such as desalination equipment, etc. The capital of this company currently stands at just over US$91 million and Ghadir Investment Company has a 100% stake in this company.

Scope of activity:

  • This company has carried out in depth research in line with government policies that encourage the development of environmentally friendly water and power generation industries. Hence, the main scope of activity of this company includes:
  •  Investment in power generation and water industries.
  •  Investment in power generation and power distribution installations.
  •  Investment in new energies such as water, wind, solar, waste to energy, etc.
  •  Investment in plants that manufacture electrical power and water transfer and distribution equipment.
  •  Investment in water and sewage installations and related industries such as water desalination plants.
  • Imports and export of water, and power generation related equipment.
  • Participation in electrical power related projects in the fields of reduction of power waste, technological development, technical know-how transfer, small-scale power plants, development of electrical and hybrid vehicles, etc.
  • Investment in projects relating to data transfer, measurement and automation within power distribution networks.
  • Investment and participation in power generation and purchasing and selling electrical power, launching, managing and purchasing power plants, and participation in projects relating to optimising power plants, utilities and related installations.
  •  Investment in electrical power trading.
  •  To purchase and sell electrical power within the country or abroad as well as swapping power and fuel. To obtain any kind of loan and credit facilities from domestic or foreign sources. Participation in research projects that serve company objectives. Investment and participation with or without other foreign or domestic entities in companies or creation of new companies for the purpose of realizing company objectives.
  •  To obtain or grant agencies and creation of branches in Iran or overseas and to obtain licenses necessary for establishing production, industries and service related projects.
  •  To take part in tenders and auctions which fall within company scope of activities, whether government or privately sponsored within Iran or abroad.
  • Carrying out all lawful transactions relating to company activities.

Subsidiary Companies:

  • Masire Gilan Power Development Company
  •  Gilan Power Generation Management Company
  •  Khouzestan Mapna Power Generation Company
  •  Hamoun Aboumousa Ghadir Power Company
  •  Qeshm Gostar Power Generation Company
  •  Ghadir Lamerd Power Company Ghadir Energy Company
  •  Ghadir Oxin Electricity Development Company
  •  Caspian Gilan Ghadir Energy Company
  •  Khorshid Ghadir Energy & Electricity Company
  • It is noteworthy that following the launching of its projects, this company is due to be listed at the TSE.