Today, we are all proud to be a part of Ghadir Investment Company, which is one of Iran’s largest investment companies and is currently becoming an increasingly familiar global brand name. Ghadir has begun to cooperate with multinationals in various parts of the world, ranging from Europe to Asia. These achievements are the result of our efforts in the previous two years in maximising our capabilities to take full advantage of the opportunities arising from lifting of sanctions against Iran. I have no doubt that we shall see the results of these efforts in the near future
Another main achievement of Ghadir is that it has gradually become a “strategy oriented conglomerate”. In this regard, our approach on focusing on synergy in Ghadir Group and in its holdings has been the cause of establishing a specialised financial group. Drafting operational strategies for our holdings have also been among our plans. Furthermore, we have adopted the strategy of entering the “health sector” and first steps have already been taken in this regard.
It is clear that the success of our holdings is pendent to their interactions with us and our effective supervision on their operations. Hence, we have intensified corporate governance principles throughout our holdings during 2015. Some of the most important measures in this regard, include precise supervision over the capital increases of our holdings, adopting a disciplined method of debt collection, moving toward an integrated risk management system via establishing risk committees within our holdings and installing financial data software in order to reduce the time and costs of data transfers.
I sincerely hope that Ghadir Investment Company becomes one of Iran’s top three conglomerates in the years to come and I have no doubt that with the aid and empathy of all our beneficiaries, this is achievable.