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شرکت سرمایه گذاری غدیر

International Construction Development Company

(Construction holding company)

Estabilished Date : 1384 (2005/06) Ghadir shareholder : 78.5 %
The capital of this company currently stands at Rls 3000 billion


  • This company was established in 1986. ICDC which was listed in the Tehran Stock Exchange (TSE) in 2004, is currently the 414th listed company in the TSE.

Scope of Activity

  • The scope of activities of International Construction Development Company includes:
  •  Trading real estate for the purpose of constructing buildings, townships and residential complexes, factories, whilst also participating and investing in them
  •  Constructing and renting factories which produce construction material
  •  Trading and renting building and road construction machinery and equipment from within Iran and abroad
  •  Establishing companies in participation with legal entities and individuals
  •  Trading of shares and carrying out all transactions relating to shares as well as domestic and foreign bonds


  • The vision of ICDC for the next five years is as follows:
  •  To become the largest TSE listed company specialising in mass construction, real estate, on the basis of net assets and profitability.
  •  To become the best brand name as a mass developer, especially in infrastructure projects recognized by the Industrial Management Organization
  •  To be a pioneering company which specializes in the construction of multi-purpose complexes and high-rise towers, within Iran’s construction industry
  •  To extend its geographical scope of activity to Iran’s free and special economic zones
     To be present within international arenas by benefiting from consortium and foreign participations  


  • With over 30 years of invaluable experience in Iran’s construction industry, ICDC and its subsidiaries such as ASP and Baghmisheh, continue to offers a wide variety of services. The mission of this company, which aims to create safe, effective and enduring buildings, is as follows:
     Upholding the interests of its beneficiaries within its greater objectives and strategies. This is to be achieved by adopting innovative ideas within all organizational levels in technical, financial, economic fields.
     In line with the above mission, ICDC aims to maximize its profitability as a means to satisfy its shareholders.
     By constructing safe, effective and enduring buildings as well as offering high quality products and services, this company considers aims to fulfil one of its missions which is to achieve customer satisfaction.
     ICDC also provides a road map and guidance to its subsidiaries for the purpose of realizing its objectives and elevating the living standards of its employees and achieving human resource development.
     Providing high quality services to society, inspired by Islamic and Iranian culture.
     Producing effectively, by taking advantage of state-of-the-art technologies.
     Preserving the environment and national resources.  
     Land development, focusing on mass construction and high rise buildings, multipurpose complexes and townships.


  • Being the largest TSE listed Construction Company which has the advantage of benefiting from economies of scale
  • Development and land preparation. Other objectives include:
     Constructing residential, commercial, administrative buildings as well as cultural, leisure, sport and tourism related buildings.
    Offering services such as marketing, sales, letting, and utilizing of buildings.
     Rendering services such as feasibility studies, design, supervision and project management within the construction industry.
     Offering financial and investment services such as issuing bonds, establishing land and building funds etc.
     Offering building industry commercial services


  • Gadir Investment Company along with its subsidiaries own approximately 87% of ICDC  and other companies and individuals own the remaining shares.    

Subsidiary Companies

  • The subsidiary companies of ICDC include: Baghmisheh Urbanization & Housing, A.S.P, Peyman Ghadir, Pars Sazeh Engineering Construction, Sar Panah Fars, Kish Royaye Zendegi, Behsan Pars Construction Equipment Development, Ghadir Khouzestan Construction Industry Development, Azarbaijan Building, Narengestan Gostar Hotel & Building Development, Tisa Kish, Ofogh Sazeh Paya, Poud Atlas Pars, Sabalan Arya Latif, Arya Omran Pars Development, Atlas Padidavaran and Divital Auto Invest (Belarus).