Investment in aluminium (Aluminium Jonoub Company) and steel (Steel Alloy, Ghadir Iranian and Neyriz Steel Companies) production industries, mining sector (Gohar Zamin and Nikel Karan Kabir Fars Companies) as well as electrical equipment manufacturing companies (Motogen Company).
Efficient participation in the chain of base metal production (iron, copper, aluminium etc.) as well as expanding its operations in the field of mines and industry.
To invest in the sector of mines and mining industries with the objective of increasing its share in Ghadir Investment Company’s portfolio to 20% and to become included among Iran’s top ten holding companies specialized in the field of industries and mines and their related industries by 2021
  • The subsidiary companies of Ghadir Industries & Mines Development Company are as follows:   
  •  Neyriz Steel Company
  •  Motojen Company
  •  Alloy Steel Company
  •  Ghadir Iranian Iron & Steel Company
  •  Aluminium Jonoub Company
  •  Gohar Zamin Iron Ore Company
  •  Gole Gohar Iron & Steel Company
  •  Arfa’ Iron & Steel Company
  •  Qeshm Steel Company
  •  Sanat Pars International Development
  •  Caspian Andisheh Sanat Novin Company
  •  Nikel Karan Kabir Fars Company