We are thankful of God almighty that in spite of all limitations prevailing our country’s macro-economy & business market helped us to take appropriate actions toward our share-holders benefits, which are amongst the most valuable retired societies in the country, and follow-up those actions.
Ghadir Investment Co. is performing two missions simultaneously, through its significant abilities:
1) Fund raising for pension funds in order to commit its current obligations due for retired persons.
2) Keep & promote the company’s value for the retired people to enjoy future benefits from the investments & assets.
The Board of Directors believes that Ghadir operations is effective on the country’s development from one side, and provides the need of most of the retired group of people from another side. That’s why we endeavor to realize all the targets & goals which needed for above two missions in an effective & optimum way in the company’s frame of corporate governance as well as effective management of all professional holdings.
We in the Board of Directors believe that our duties are human resources protection, performing social responsibilities, environmental observations & respecting public rights. We wish and pray for our country’s dignity & greatness, as well as our people’s felicity.